Friday, October 30, 2009

My First Diary

In The Name of Allah..the mercy giving and the mercy full.

Destiny of Allah has chosen me to the name of Muhd Kamarul Izad Bin Muhamad Nazri. Born in 23 of julai 1991 at Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital kuantan Pahang. From 4th the youngest one. Well if any one see me, im sure they will think im the 1st in my sibling..hehe

Today 31 october 2009,

My first typing for my diary. Before this i seldomly open my blog..just do it because i really like to. Alhamdulillah my very cute and kind madam Cyndhia has given a task to make an eletronic diary as our first assignment for sem II. It is really something..very good assignment to double up my english also my typing(little bit more faster la).

Week before this..emm i have been really busy actually. Well..i working as part time promoter at the Parkson the Mall in the sem break exhaustion from the work still going..i hope it will end soon. After the sem break..i got my fren help a little bit with his work as bureau under him. I must control one part of the program call Sport and Martial Art Carnival(SMAC) organised by FSCC Petaling Jaya. I really hope i can help him a my good fren Izzat Abd Aziz.

Then my presiden for PERKIM society want me to handle or organise one program for the society..i must think the program by myself. Well now i already gather some information and helpers to conduct the program well. I hope it can work really well with flying colour..huhu

Whats more ae..emm yeah i been chosen to become a class representative for my english class and my FIM class.. Emm i dont know what to say..yep actually i dont want to become any of it because i think im not qualifying enough. There are more student can take my place..but Allah destiny has decided me to become the class rep. Yep im waiting what is the hikmah behind all of this..insyaAllah may Allah be with people that always remember him or vice versa.

I think thats all from me..maat taufiq wajazakAllah khulkhoir, Allah yubarikfieh