Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My 2nd Diary

In the name Of Allah the mercy giving the mercy full,

11 November 2009

Today is the second week i wrote something for my blog. Well i very pleased to share a little bit of my experience for this whole week. Now which part i want to start. Yepp..i think i want to begin with something that very interesting story about me.

Well..before i came to the UIAM..im aware myself not to participate mostly in any of the activities and programs organized by the campus. Im very scared if i join any society, it will down my studies. But what happened now..yeah something like we call gift from Allah to make me one of his khalifah on His earth.. with me now, i have 4 programs need to be handle and one of it making me as program manager. Well i dont know what to say but clearly i can say that i really tired. In the name of Allah..i know that anything human do is hard..but i hope sometimes Allah can make it easy for me.

Actually, i have very big problem now. Still staying deeply in my head..its all about women. You can say that all men like me need women beside us.. I know that it is not suitable for me to think about that. But what im supposed to do if the feelings just came like that to me??. I know that this feeling is a gift from Allah to me..but im really scared if the love feelings undertake my heart. I really hope i can love Allah only..because Allah never fails. Isnt it??.. Ohh Allah..give me your blessing and help me to get rid of the feelings that make me go far from You..Amin.

Well..i think thats all. Syukran..

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